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Building Businesses One Building at a time

We at Mesa Construction know that business owners need a contractor that will look out for their interests, not just for immediate needs, but for long term growth in the future as well. We have worked hard to be that contractor.

Utah Commercial Contractors

We Build dream buildings

Your building says a lot about you and your business. It is your first representative to the public eye, and is often the best calling card to passersby. A building that serves a company well is one that not only houses their current equipment and employees, but also has space to grow and change with the market. When designing your building, be it just the interior or the whole edifice, it is crucial that thought is put in at the beginning of where your company will be headed in the upcoming years.

Whether you are a business owner that wants to stand out from the crowd, is feeling like your current workplace has maxed its capacity, or even a new business owner that is wanting to start your business off right, we know that you are following a dream. In that dream you see yourself, your partners, and your employees working together in a workplace that is innovative and inspiring. This place is your dream building, and it may be that with the right Utah Commercial Contractors it is more within reach than you realize. 

Here at Mesa Construction we are experts in getting the ideas of our clients onto paper, and then from the paper into reality. Whether you already have an architect team or not, we will work closely with you and those you trust to bring your dream building to life. We feel this is an important step in the growth of every company and love that we get to be a part of it. 

We also pull from decades of experience in construction to help you and your team avoid many of the roadblocks and “unforeseen” issues that tend to show up when the actual construction of the building begins.

As leading experts in Pre-Construction design, we are the Utah Commercial Contractors that dream with you.

At Mesa Construction we want you to have the best experience possible. To this end, we offer Utah Commercial Contractors pre-construction services that join with the owner’s team through all the stages of the project design so that we can help ensure its success.

This level of close involvement allows us give expert advice and knowledge on how to address many of the issues that are believed by some to be a regular part of all construction projects; however, we have learned over our 30 years in the industry that many, if not most of these roadblocks can be taken care of before they happen with proper conceptual planning. 

A few examples of these issues (often called  “unforeseen”, “unavoidable”, or even “expected” issues by other Utah Commercial Contractors), are things such as building costs, scheduling conflicts, and the quality of the materials that are being used. These usually stem from unknown or overlooked factors, and are easily avoided by working together and planning ahead. 

All our pre-construction services are done by licensed professionals with years of experience in the fields of commercial and residential construction. You can trust that with our help you will have the best experience possible from the initial conception to the finished construction of your project. For more information on our pre-construction process please click the button below.

Concept Designs
Designed To Fit Your Needs
Fit For Any Kind Of Business
Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Design
No Project Is Too Big For Us
We're Here To Help!
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Experts in Commercial Construction

Building out sections and tenant improvements

Do you own a building that you plan on renting to various kinds of business and are unsure of how to separate the space? Mesa Construction excels at interior construction for commercial buildings. We are also experts in tenant improvements. We can help if you are renting a space, such as an office or section of a warehouse and need to make some changes so that it functions how you need it to. We do themed interiors, and know how to do forced perspective construction, so whether you own the building and are wanting to get it sectioned off and built correctly, or renting the space and want to turn it into the perfect place for your occupation, we are the perfect Utah Commercial Contractors for the job.

Utah Commercial Contractors

Office Buildings

Do you hear the word “office” and imagine a tiny building, crammed with cubicles, full of noise and without healthy access to sunlight? Thanks to popular movies, TV shows, and even comics, our idea of an office building is not usually a favorable one. Some might even call it claustrophobic. If this is your idea of an office space then we, your Utah Commercial Contractors, invite you to look at some of the pictures on our website. An office building is just like any other building, and has the same potential to be open, inviting, and fill the function that you need it to. 

Mesa Construction specializes in various different construction methods including Tenant Improvements, Metal Buildings, Tilt-up Concrete, A-rated Commercial Structures, constructing buildings with Forced Perspective, and Themed Interiors. We are confident that no matter what kind of office you are building, we are the Utah Commercial Contractors that the resources to help you make it the way you want it to be.


Restaurants are fun places where you can relax, visit with friends and family, and enjoy good food. They each have their own atmosphere which draws individuals together and helps them connect with each other over a meal. Good Utah Commercial Contractors understand that a key-factor in the creation of this atmosphere is the building of the restaurant itself. 

More so than at an office or a home, the exterior and interior of a restaurant speaks to the patron of what type of experience to expect. The patrons journey from the outside to inside your restaurant begins with the glimpse of an iconic sign or shape of a building, and continues as they enter the lobby and dining room. Every color, picture, and design in the tile and ceiling has the chance to speak out to the patron to tell them something about the experience that they are about to have. 

Whether you are building a new restaurant from scratch or remodeling or renovating an old one, Mesa Construction can do it all. We build state of the art kitchens, eye grabbing exteriors and interiors, and everything in between to make sure that your customers have the best experience possible with you, even before they enter your doors. Let us, the Utah Commercial Contractors with 30 years of experience help you make your restaurant a success.

Hospitals and Medical facilities

Hospitals are a vital part of society. They are a place where doctors and other healthcare practitioners can gather. They house patients for short and long terms. And, above all, they must be places of strict cleanliness and confidentiality, and confidence. 

It is highly important when thinking about building a new hospital that thought is put into future growth and expansion. As the city around the hospital grows, so will the need for more staff and other types of services. With our Utah Commercial Contractors pre-construction and construction services, Mesa Construction has the means and resources to help you build and renovate your hospital to best serve the needs of its community. Make your medical facility a place where patients can feel at home.

Dentist Office Buildings

Few things are more feared than a trip to the dentist’s office, and yet few things are more important to do frequently. Mesa Construction are the Utah Commercial Contractors with everything you need to help your office space feel inviting to your patients, and maybe even excited to go to the dentist. 

Are you a dentist that works with children and would like to help them feel more comfortable? Themed interiors have been known to help children feel more at ease. We have done many different dentists offices with themes including space stations, Star Wars, and jungles. Imagination is the limit when it comes to themed interiors, so whether you want a place to awe a child or inspire calm in an adult, Mesa Construction, your Utah Commercial Contractors has your back. For more information on theme builds or forced perspective please click the button below.

Concept Designs
Designed To Fit Your Needs
Fit For Any Kind Of Business
Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Design
No Project Is Too Big For Us
We're Here To Help!
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Want to Build Casinos? Utah Commercial Contractors are on the Job.

Casinos are a fairly common commodity in the Western United States and, depending on the state, you might find one or two in every town. Like restaurants they have their own atmosphere of excitement, and each seems to have their own little niche of things that they sell. 

As Utah Commercial Contractors we understand that presentation at a casino is everything, and if you want yours to stand out from the rest then you have come to the right place. Mesa Construction specializes in all kinds of commercial construction and with our skills in interior and exterior design we can make your casino into the dream building that you want it to be.


Mesa Construction has done work on remodeling on the Casablanca hotel and Casino, as well as built other hotels throughout the years. We know that when it comes to hotels you want to present a fresh, clean environment, that is homey, yet exciting. We are Utah Commercial Contractors that pride ourselves on our quality control and versatility. 

We have consistently found creative solutions for every building challenge, so whether you need to build a new hotel up from the ground, or renovate an old one into somewhere that patrons can visit with confidence, we know that we can give you the product with the highest-quality results.

Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings have different standards and building procedures than most of the types of commercial buildings mentioned above, but even so, the Utah Commercial Contractors at Mesa Construction are fully equipped to build commercial steel buildings as well. 

The buildings are known for having large open spaces inside and make good workshops, or warehouses. The interiors can also be sectioned off and split into various smaller workplaces. Whether you need a big, mostly empty space to store your stock, or want to create an office building or garage, we are the Utah Commercial Contractors that have the skills to help it happen. Take a look at a couple examples of metal buildings that we have built in the past.

Other miscellaneous types of buildings

Car Washes
Event Tents
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Building Remodel and Renovation with Utah Commercial Contractors

Do you have a building that has been working for you but is just missing a few crucial elements to be perfect? Is the building that you are moving into just not what you envisioned it should be? Do you love your current space, but feel like it needs to be revamped? All these things and more are possible with Mesa Construction. Over the years, and in multiple states, we have helped business owners like you change their workplace into the workplace of their dreams.

We’ve remodeled dozens of different types of buildings and offices to bring new color and life to replace the old and drab. We are Utah Commercial Contractors that specialize in all parts of commercial construction we are positive that we can help your old building become what you want it to be. We specialize in both exterior and interior commercial construction and design, so whether you want the front to be more eye grabbing, rearrange the interior, or add another section to the building all together, we can do all of that and more.

It is often the case with older buildings, and especially with hotels and restaurants, that damages from water, mold, or fire are sustained over the years. Mesa Construction is exemplary in our clean up of these damages. Don’t let pre-existing damages stop you from reaching out to us. We know how important it is to get water, mold and fire damage cleaned up sooner rather than later, so contact your Utah Commercial Contractors and let’s get you the help that you need to get your building back in shape. For more information on our Water, Mold, and Fire damage repair please click the button below.

Don’t see your specific type of Commercial Building listed? Contact us at (435)574-7458 or to discuss options on getting your dream building built Utah Commercial Contractors at Mesa Consstruction.

Our Mission as Utah Commercial Contractors

To provide quality cutting edge construction technology for residential and commercial buildings, giving our customers the chance to own tomorrow’s buildings today while working together with out customer.  

We demand of ourselves to plan, schedule, manage, and monitor the following:



Method of Construction




Through well defined systems that can be easily tracked by the contractor and customer with the goal of fulfilling the dream of our customer on time and under budget.