The pre-construction phase of a project is as critical as the construction itself.  During pre-construction, Mesa Construction will plan the work to be implemented during construction phase. Pre-construction services provide our customers an early analysis of the effects materials, equipment systems, techniques, and schedules will have an on project completion time and cost.

Mesa Construction’s approach to pre-construction services is to aid the owner, architect, and engineers as a source of accurate information from which educated decisions can be made concerning the project’s materials, cost, and scheduling. We will coordinate estimating, value engineering, scheduling and constructability services with the owner, architect, and engineers activities. We do this in the spirit of partnering and to maintain communication and information sharing on behalf of the owner. We assign a preconstruction team so the client can reap the benefits pre-construction has to offer.

By properly planning the project during pre-construction stages, Mesa Construction can work together with the owner, architect, and engineers to help eliminated unforeseen costs and scheduling delays in the field during the construction phase.

With the intent of helping the owner’s design team, we at Mesa Construction offer the following Pre-construction services:

  • Budgeting and Cost Estimation
  • Value Engineering and design suggestion to save the owner money
  • Scheduling and construction logic
  • Site analysis and possible site construction issues
  • Quality and functional reviews
  • Subcontractors and supplier management
  • Agency Coordination
  • Coordination and communication with owners representatives.
  • Develop and implement a responsibility matrix.
  • Provide ongoing cost estimates to achieve budget goals.
  • Conduct design review meetings weekly
  • Review plans to ensure all work is coordinated.
  • Develop, monitor, and update the project schedule.
  • Perform constructability reviews.
  • Provide value engineering.
  • Coordinate required permitting and utility connections.
  • Procurement planning and site logistics.
  • Identify for purchase long-lead material items
We have found that our participation as the contractor when joined with that of the owner’s team in the Conceptual Planning and Design (CPD), Schematic Design (SD), and Design Development (DD), is critical to controlling project costs and establishing a viable timeline for completed construction. We can help you know what it will take to create the building you are dreaming about, and we want nothing more than to help that dream come true, not only for the present, but for your company’s future as well.