Stylized Design

Mesa Construction excels at stylized design. We can build pretty much anything, and will give our best to construct any project, commercial or residential, that our clients bring to us.
While we specialize in all sorts of interior and exterior design methods there are a couple that we are especially proud of that we would like to showcase.

Forced perspective.
Forced perspective is a visual aid that is used in photographs, architecture and film. In fact, there is a high chance that  you may have used it yourself. In a nutshell, is an optical illusion that forces the viewer to see things in a certain perspective. Here are a few examples.
Theme parks frequently use forced perspective in their design to help their streets and buildings look longer or larger than they actually are. Examples of this are the Disney castles at Disneyland. While the castles’ towers may look really high, they are actually just constructed in a way that they get smaller and smaller the higher up they go. This causes the optical illusion that the towers reach high into the sky, when in reality they are actually quite short. The Beast’s castle is only 77 feet high, and Cinderella’s castle is only 189 feet high. 

The Salt Lake Temple, one of the most famous buildings in Salt Lake City, Utah stood at 210 feet high (taller than both Disney castles) before it’s remodel in the 2020’s. Back when it was originally built it was the tallest building around, however, more recent developments of modern skyscrapers now dwarf the magnificent structure. Through the power of forced perspective it is possible to take pictures that make the temple seem bigger than its giant neighbors, as shown below.


As you can see in this shot, the SLC temple is actually quite small when compared to its surrounding buildings.
Thanks to the use of forced perspective in this photograph the SLC temple in downtown Salt Lake looks comparable in size to the skyscrapers around it.

 Other examples of what forced perspective can do in architextcure

Whether its by using a picture or 3D layering, you can make passages and hallways feel like they extend or stretch father then they actually do.
Is there actually a deep, seemingly-endless staircase or is it forced perspective making the stairs appear to descend forever? Mesa Construction can do both

Here a few other examples of differences that forced perspective can create in architecture.

  • Create harmonious and symmetrical looking architecture.
  • Create better visual depth in areas that appear flat or undefined.
  • Counteract natural visible distortions of size and space that are caused by distance.


Through the illusion of forced perspective your building can feel bigger, or smaller, than it actually is. You can also use it to draw people’s attention to certain aspect of architecture. With this dynamic construction method you can turn any regular, old building into something special. 
For more information on what forced perspective can do for your building, or questions regarding other building methods and techniques, please contact us at (phone) or (email).

Themed Projects

Nothing spices up the interior of an office like an individual theme. They make an area stand out from the rest and enable the owner to create a special, personalized place. Theme parks are visited every year by hundreds of thousands of people, again and again, because the atmosphere that they have creates special memories.
You can create a special atmosphere in your workplace or home as well by added a personalized theme to interior or exterior. Do you want to make a fun place for children to play, or perhaps style a lounge area for adults based off of a classic movie scene? With a themed interior you can do just that and many more such ideas as well. Here are some examples of things we have done for Star Wars, Space, and Desert themes.

As you can see we not only did 2D wall art, but also 3D dynamic models as well.
Do you have a theme that you would like to build at your home or workspace? 
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